Fundraising Tips

Fundraising may seem intimidating if you don’t know where to start, but it’s much easier than you think! Here are three important things to keep in mind when getting started.

Let your passion shine through 
People will respond to your energy and enthusiasm. If you tell them about your passion and why you are fundraising for the UTS cause you have chosen, people will get behind you.

Don't be afraid to ask 
It feels good to help someone else and you are giving people the opportunity to become involved in your cause by making a donation. So don’t be afraid to ask - you’ll be surprised at how often people say ‘yes’.

Plan it out
Once your campaign is up and running, plan to send out updates through your social networks to your friends and family - they want to hear how your campaign is going and will send you encouragement! Also make sure you update them on how much you raised at the end of your campaign.

Make sure you read through the UTS guidelines and now you are ready to fill out the online fundraising form to create your fundraising page!

Tips to raise more for your UTS Cause

Make a donation to yourself
Make a donation yourself. The first donation is the most important your supporters will look at your first donation to determine how much to donate. This will also show that you’re dedicated to your cause.

Raise 46% more by sms’ing your closest friends!
Fundraisers who share their page by SMS raise 46% more than those who don’t! Share your page with your closest friends (and people who you think will donate) first to help boost donations.
View your page on a mobile device and click share by SMS to share.

Share your page on Facebook
Encourage your friends to share your page. For the best results include a photo of yourself training or participating in the fun run etc
Click here to find our more on how to share your page on Facebook

Email everyone you know
This will boost your total right away! Don’t forget to send a reminder email as well - often the reminder will raise even more than the first email!

Connect apps
Connect to Fitbit, Strava and facebook to help share your fundraising journey with your friends! Click here to learn how to connect to fitness apps!

Please contact us at if you have any queries about your fundraising campaign.