UTS Community Fundraising

Welcome to UTS Community Fundraising HUB! Thank you for fundraising for a UTS cause.

This is your opportunity to raise philanthropic funds for your chosen UTS Cause, and help make a difference to the community.

You play an important role in enabling UTS to achieve real world impact - through research cutting edge technology student scholarships or innovative programs that transform lives.

Please note UTS Advancement office will review and approve all community fundraising campaigns.
Contact UTS Advancement office at fundraise@uts.edu.au if you have any questions or concerns.



Fundraising may seem intimidating if you don’t know where to start, but it’s much easier than you think! Here are some important things to keep in mind when getting started.

1. Complete the online fundraising form

To get started the Fundraising application form needs to be completed and once this has been set up you can then share to your social networks. You can either be an individual fundraiser and set up your own page, or you can join a fundraising team.

2. Personalise your page

Tell your story, share your passions about the UTS Cause you are fundraising for. People will respond to your energy and enthusiasm. If you tell them about your passion and why you are fundraising for the UTS cause you have chosen, people will get behind you.

3. Ask for help

It feels good to help someone else and you are giving people the opportunity to become involved in your cause by making a donation. So don’t be afraid to ask - you’ll surprised at how often people say ‘yes’.

4. Marketing

Send out updates through your social networks to your friends and family - they want to hear how your campaign is going and will send you encouragement! Also make sure you update them on how much you raised at the end of your campaign.

5. Donations and Receipts

Donors will be sent a payment tax deductible receipt immediately (issued by GoFundraise) if made online through your fundraising page or the UTS Community Fundraising HUB directly.

Most gifts will be raised online, but offline funds may be collected and added to the project totals. For all cheques or money orders please ensure payment is made to ‘University of Technology Sydney’. Receipts will be mailed by UTS Advancement after the offline gift has been processed.

Please contact fundraise@uts.edu.au for any offline donations collected.