What is considered a donation?

A donation is a monetary gift made voluntarily by an individual, group or organisation in which no material benefit is received. Donations to UTS over $2 are tax deductible. In situations where an individual receives something in return (even if it is just the chance to win a prize), it is not considered a tax deductible donation. For example, if you support a cause by entering a raffle or buying tickets for a fundraising dinner, you are not eligible for a tax deduction.

Will donors receive a receipt?

Yes - if they make an online donation through your fundraising page they will receive a tax deductible receipt automatically.

What are the different types of fundraising?

  • Challenge Occasion: Raise funds for a UTS cause by doing a fun run, ocean swim or any other activity of your choice. 
  • Make a difference: Ask friends and family to donate to the UTS cause you are passionate about.
  • In Memory: A powerful way to honour your loved one is to raise funds in their memory for a UTS cause they believed in or that you are passionate about. 

What’s the difference between an individual or team fundraising page?

  • Individual (no team): You can fundraise as an Individual if you only want one fundraising page created.
  • Join an existing fundraising team: If you wish to join an existing fundraising team, you will need to know the name of the person who created the team (team leader) or the name of the team you want to join.
  • Create a new team: If you want to create a team, you will be the team captain and your individual page will also be connected to your team page.

Can I plan an event as part of my fundraising?

Please contact us at fundraise@uts.edu.au to discuss your event, as there are different requirements for this kind of fundraising. You will need to keep records of all your income & expenses and please note you are responsible for your own public liability insurance. UTS will need to provide approval before you commence any event fundraising activity.