About UTS

About UTS

UTS is the top-ranked young university in Australia. We are known for our innovative teaching, the real-world impact of our research and our passionate committment to social justice. 

As a public research university, UTS exists to change lives, transform communities and create a more just and equal world. 

To everyone in our philanthropic community who is actively helping UTS accomplish our goals: thank you. Every donation whether large or small, brings us closer to achieving our shared vision of a better world. We are enormously grateful for every gift and the remarkable difference you are helping to make. 

How we manage philanthropic gifts 

UTS is a registered charity. All funds are received and managed according to donor and University agreements and with complete transparency.

  • All gifts to UTS are fully tax deductible. 100% of funds donated by you will go directly to the UTS Cause.
  • All administrative costs are covered by the University
  • Funds you provide will always be used to achieve the goals of the UTS cause (program, project or initiative).
  • You will be given full recognition for your support with acknowledgement that is in line with your wishes and University policies.
  • Each UTS Cause will communicate to supporters the impact and the transformational outcomes that will be valued by the communities we serve.

Thank you for your support

Thank you for fundraising for a UTS cause. You play an important role in enabling UTS to achieve real world impact - through research cutting edge technology, student support or innovative programs that transform lives. Our deepest thanks to you as fundraisers and donors, you are enabling the university to make a positive impact on the world.